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Welcome to the Jarosh Organization!

As independent McDonald’s franchisees, the Jarosh Organization owns and operates 4 restaurants in Illinois and one in Indiana and employs over 250 local residents. That’s a large number of people! And, we are experts about McDonald’s and its values. We live them every day. We would never own and work in a restaurant that we did not feel good about. As restaurant owners, we would never compromise on the things that are so important to all of us: food quality, food safety, employment opportunities and social responsibility for the families, the men and women and the youths in our community! The Jarosh Organization "Benefits Program" is designed to attract, energize, reward and retain talented people who will produce superior business results and enhance our leadership position. We recognize the importance of a strong benefits program. This is reflected in our People Promise, with competitive pay and benefits as one of our five People Principles.

All in all, our "Benefits Program" provides the Jarosh Organization's McDonald's® with a valuable and compelling package. We believe you'll find there's a lot to gain from being part of our team.

The Jarosh Organization is a local company … run by local management … hiring local people … serving our local customers at the counter and in their communities.



Are you ready to make a positive impact on OUR community?

Are you able to provide 100% Customer Satisfaction?

Are you ready for FOOD, FOLKS and FUN?

Do you think you have what it takes?

We invite you to explore our Employment Opportunities and to apply for one of our avaliable restaurant positions!

We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Wayne and Marsha Jarosh

Owner Operators

McDonald's long-standing commitment to the Olympic Games began in 1968 when we airlifted hamburgers to the U.S. Olympic Team in Grenoble, France.

McDonald's of Watseka

This restaurant is owned and operated by an independent franchisee.

Store Photo 809 Lafayette St.
Watseka IL 60970

Phone: 815-432-5020
Manager: Jill J.
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